Over the weekend, a story broke regarding a contracted facility maintenance company at WTAMU and a “racially charged incident” that resulted in the termination of an employee.

According to the report, an employee of SSC Service Solutions hung a noose above the entrance to a coworker’s desk. The noose was hung close to the letter “N” in the word ZONE.

No charges have been filed regarding the incident with the WTAMU Police Department, and the names of the individuals involved have been withheld, according to the report.

In a statement, SSC director of communications, Catherine Merritt, said they do not condone “such conduct” and that it is “unfortunate that in this day and age some people think this type of behavior is acceptable.”

The incident was handled as a “human resources event” by SSC, according to a statement from Assistant Chief of the university police department, Assistant Chief Robert Byrd.

According to the report, a lawsuit has not yet been filed but options are being pursued.


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