Sometimes talking to strangers can be a good thing. It might help you find the love of your life.

This might be a strange tip but it actually works. If you are doing online dating, let a complete stranger pic your profile picture.

What? Are you crazy?

According to research from Austrailia with a 100 people. Each person provided 12 pictures of themselves and picked the one they liked.

Then complete strangers chose the one they liked. Those photos were ranked as more attractive, trustworthy and confident by other people.

The study basically found that we for some reason choose unflattering photos of ourselves for no reason.

No one is going to just flag someone down on the street and ask for help with our dating profile.  That would be all kinds of weird. You could ask people ONLINE.  Or just ask a friend to choose your picture.

Basically other people will see you differently. They might look at you with a higher opinion then you hold for yourself. Give it a shot.


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