If you think that your family would be perfect on a reality show, you might get your chance.  ABC's Wife Swap is looking for people here in Amarillo to take part in the show.

For those of you who don't know what the show is about, here is the basis.  The moms of the families swap places and live with the other family for a week.  Living by their rules and doing the things that they normally do.  Then they flip the rules to theirs and show the host family how they live.

If you ever wanted to test if your family was the perfect fit for you, this would be the perfect opportunity.  Most of the time, the moms and families realize how much they need each other.

There is no specific requirement to enter.  They are looking for all kinds of families.  Small, big, those who love sports, those with strict rules, and even those you are carefree and just want to have fun.

To submit for the show you can call 855-777-swap or email a family photo and description to :wifeswap@zodiakusa.com.  You will also be required to submit a video.  To find out all the details you can check out Connectamarillo.com.

If you think you'd be the perfect fit, why not.  This is a great chance for you and your family to be on television.