Adam Levine must think that by playing a boxer in his video ‘One More Night,’ it gives him the right to take that pseudo-talent out into the real world. Part of us is like, ‘pssh no, violence is no bueno,’ but the other part is basically cleaning up drool over the thought of him getting feisty out in the street.

He sadly doesn’t dish out names when referring to whom he’d like to punch in the face. Instead, he says: ”I want to punch people who only like one type of music in the face.”

The singer, who’s just coming off the high of promoting his band Maroon 5‘s newest album ‘Overexposed,’ spoke with The Sun on his belief that “scenes” don’t exist in music anymore. “Everything is too splintered now. There’s no scene. At some point there’s going to have to be some scene that comes back,” he said. ”I’m of the belief that because our culture has changed so much, people don’t find that exclusivity very important any more, which I love because I hate it.”

He even goes on to say that he doesn’t believe there will be another band on the same level as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones! ”There’s never going to be another Stones or The Beatles, another Elvis, because they existed in a time when nothing like that existed. You can’t look for the next Rolling Stones because the next Rolling Stones don’t exist,” he continued. “I don’t really think that can exist any more. There was a sort of purity to it that existed back then which I think is for ever lost. There’s no way to get that back. People get very nostalgic but that will never happen again.”

The singer and soon-to-be actor did make it a point to say that Nirvana was the very last band to make a huge impact on the world. ”Kurt Cobain was the last person who did it. And then in the 1990s were all the boybands,” he said. “I was kind of hoping that somebody would come along and demolish the boyband — Nirvana came along and demolished the bad pop metal.”

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