A couple weeks ago, actress Alicia Silverstone got the interwebs buzzing when she posted a video that showed her spitting chewed-up food into her young son’s mouth. Now she’s responding to the controversy.

The 35-year-old star of ‘Clueless’ and the upcoming film ‘Vamps’ told RadarOnline:

I wasn’t saying this was anything somebody should do. I wasn’t trying to be independent or cause such a ruckus … I’m very glad that I did it. People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years … It’s a weaning process. It’s just a thing that has been going on for thousands of years and I didn’t think I was inventing anything.”

The video Silverstone originally posted to her blog stirred up so much fuss that her name became a trending topic on Twitter, and even members of the medical community had a say about the rather unorthodox feeding method.

See the clip that started the controversy below.

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