Music fans of all ages have heard of Tupac. A gifted lyricist rapper from the 90's, with his life being taken away at the age of 25 in 1996. After years and years of trying, a movie finally came to life to give you a look into Tupac's life.

So for All Eyez On Me, People on my Facebook page are talking about the movie and they like it. With some of the posts also saying it wasn't all that. So last night I got my opinion on the film, so was it good or was it bad?

Right off the bat, I enjoyed the movie it gave some understanding on some of the big deals in his life. Weeding out some of the conspiracies people once had. This movie was done on a smaller scale than Biggie's and N.W.A. movies and you can tell when watching. And maybe it's the reason the film had people upset or the movie should have gone into deeper details. I guess they didn't want the movie to be three hours. Right after the movie ended, I sat there like, "this was it?"

In all, you should go see the movie, get your own opinion about it.  Something different to go watch at the movies this summer.

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