This entire story just breaks my heart. My prayers and thoughts continue for Tom Browns family and friends. I heard about this case before I moved to Amarillo from San Antonio. It’s senseless and mind boggling.

Penny Meek, Tom’s mother is not stopping her hunt to find the person who murdered her son whose body was discovered outside Canadian near Lake Marvin Road in January. His death is shrouded in mystery and now the mystery expands to the signs that have been erected in the community and recently vandalized.

The signs displayed “Justice for Tom” also stating “There Is A Killer Among Us”, as you can see in the photo the latter phrase has been cut out. Why would someone do this? Why would someone kill such a promising young person? Someone knows.

Tom’s family and friends are not giving up their determination to find out what happened to Tom nor their signs. More signs are going up. Signs now stand off U.S Route 60 in Canadian.

Learn more about the effort to bring justice for Tom Brown on the Moms4Tom Facebook page dedicated to him here.

To donate to help fund the costs for the private investigator, you can use Venmo or go to any Happy State Bank location and give to Moms4Tom.

For any information to report on Tom's murder or vandalization of the signs contact the Hemphill County Sherriff's Department.

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