Amanda Bynes continues to make headlines in New York City, as TMZ has learned that the police were called after she was accused of shoplifting at Barney's flagship store in midtown Manhattan.

The site reports that security guards stopped Bynes on her way outside on Madison Ave. Bynes was accused of taking a $200 hat and walking away with it without paying for it. Once she was brought in, witnesses described her as "acting crazy."

She was detained by security until NYPD arrived. Bynes reportedly explained to the police that she was being followed by photographers and fans, and borrowed the $200 hat to shield her face. The former Nickelodeon actress then explained that she had no intention of stealing the hat.

The NYPD reportedly let her go but not without signing a "no tresspass" agreement with Barney's, essentially banning her from ever returning to the store.

The shoplifting incident is just the latest in a string of bizarre stories involving Bynes. After a relatively quiet 2014, she made headlines again when she was arrested for driving under the influence at the end of October. Bynes had reportedly been living on her own for three months, and was no longer living with her parents under their conservatorship. After the arrest, Bynes returned to New York City and claimed that she was transferring to NYU or Columbia to study fashion.

In Oct. 2013, it was reported that Bynes was being treated for bi-polar depression and/or schizophrenia, but her mother would later claim that her daughter had no mental illness, and that her problems were a result of being addicted to marijuana.

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