Over spring break, the animal shelter has seen a huge amount of animals come to the shelter.  They want to make sure these fur babies get back to their homes so they are waiving the reclaim fee for a limited time.

The Amarillo animal shelter has seen so many animals come in that they are beyond capacity.  This puts some animals at risk of euthanasia.  Nobody wants to see that happen, especially if these animals belong to a loving home.

The animal shelter's main goal is to reunite these pets with their owners.  So all day today, Monday March 21st, they are waiving their reclaiming fee.  That means you can pick up your pet with no charge until 7pm today.

Now, this does not include rabies shots, microchipping and any associated medical bills that were used for the animal.

You can reclaim your pet at the shelter, 3501 S. Osage.  Click here to view pictures of animals currently in the City’s care, or visit the shelter.  Let's get these fur babies home to their families!

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