Next Tuesday the wait will be over! The name and the logo of the Amarillo professional baseball team will finally be announced!

Tuesday, November 13, Amarillo Professional Baseball will be hosting a press conference at 1 PM. The event will be broadcast live on the team's Facebook page so you don't have to miss out.

Of course I will be watching so I can do a celebratory dance when we welcome the dawn of the golden age of the Sod Poodle.

It seems like it has been a long road to not only getting a ballpark built, but just to get a name for the team. There was the contest, the results, the eye rolling, and then finally Sod Poodle fever took over.

Honestly, I will be personally surprised if we don't wind up being named the Amarillo Sod Poodles. From restaurant signs to folk songs and t-shirts, it seemed like most of the city accepted our "Soddies" fate.

No matter what we are named, after Tuesday we will finally be able to move on and work on embracing the latest mascot in Amarillo.

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