Thanks to yet another sting operation run early in the year involving the Amarillo Police Department, the streets are a bit safer in the city, and this time its the kids that are finding themselves safer.

It was the second annual Operation Janus and the operation was run from January 15th through February 2nd.

If you don't know what Operation Janus is, it's a joint effort involving the Amarillo Police Department aimed at finding and nabbing sexual predators in Amarillo and surrounding areas. This years version of it was extremely successful.

Police reported 47 different people were charged in the operation with various sex crimes against children. They also reported law enforcement was able to identify and rescue 13 different kids from child sexual abuse.

All of this is incredibly good news for parents out there. Over the years, sexual abuse involving children has grown exponentially across the country, and Amarillo has seen its numbers rise as well. Videos of predators in action have been posted often on social media.

Stories of moms walking through different department stores and noticing someone is following them with an eye on their child have become more commonplace, and none of this is a good thing. The internet has allowed an even bigger network for these predators to find children to abuse.

Speaking of the internet, it's given predators more outlets to find and share videos of children involved in sexual acts. Authorities seized 447 electronic devices in the operation containing terabytes of child sexual abuse material.

The scary part about that is that was all found here in Amarillo and surrounding areas. Now imagine how bad it is across the country. Scary times, but thanks to the Amarillo Police Department, our kids are a bit safer today than they were.

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