With the incredible cold weather that has moved into the Amarillo area the Code Blue Warming Station expects to be open nine plus days, which would be its longest service period in over three years. Code Blue Warming Station serves unsheltered homeless in the Amarillo area. They are open 7 p.m. - 7:30 a.m. during extreme winter weather at 207 N. Tyler, Amarillo.

The Code Blue Warming Station expects about 50 people a night this week, the station also needs cleaning supplies for staff and guests.

From Facebook:


1) Disposable & Fabric Masks (almost out!)

2) Hand Warmers (almost out!)

3) Winter Gloves (almost out!)

4) Scarves (almost out!)

5) Heavy Winter Coats (currently well stocked on light weight jackets!)

6) Paper Towels (almost out!)

7) Lysol Aerosol Spray (almost out!)

8) Pine-sol (almost out!)

9) Pop Tarts (completely out!)

10) Mac-n-Cheese Microwaveable Cups (almost out!)

11) Chef-Boyardee Microwaveable Cups (almost out!)

12) Coffee (almost out!)

13) Individual Sugar Packets (almost out!)

14) Individual Hot Chocolate Packets (almost out!)

15) Chips and other Savory Snacks (almost out!)

  • Thanks for your support!

NIGHT #3 - We're a few nights into a long period of overnight activations serving unsheltered people and their pets as the weather forecast for our area continues to worsen as we look at the week ahead, eventually reaching negative wind chill overnight, by the end of the week through the weekend!

 To make a monetary or supply donation, visit the Code Blue Warming Station  Facebook page.

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