Today is day two of Dia De Los Muertos; the day when adult souls are welcomed home.  And Amarillo college is giving you a glimpse into the holiday through and art exhibit.

Not to be confused with Halloween, Dia de los Muertos stands on its own.  This holiday dates back to Aztec times.  When the Catholic Spanish conquistadors came over to Mexico, they found some of the Aztec rituals to be barbaric, including a festival for the goddess of the underworld, Mictecacihuatl.  Unfortunate for them, this festival did not go away no matter what they did.  So the Spanish combined the festivities with All Saints/Souls Day and the result is Mexico's biggest national holiday of the year.

People prepare for the return of their deceased loved ones.  Cemeteries are decorated with candles, marigolds, and food and drink.  Alters are erected in the homes decorate with pictures and marigold flowers.  These alters include candy skulls, chocolates, sweet bread, candles, the deceased's favorite food and drink.  Sometimes a bar of soap and a mirror are placed for the deceased to "freshen up."  Faces are painted and costumes are put on.

The souls of children arrive at midnight on Oct. 31st.  Today, November 2nd, the adult souls will be welcomed home.

Dia de los Muertos is a holiday focused on celebrating life, and Amarillo College has found an artistic way to honor the holiday.  Now through November 4th, art majors will display a Day of the Dead Art Exhibit.  Students used all different types of art to celebrate the holiday: drawings, paintings, three-dimensional pieces, and more.  You can view the art in Amarillo College's Russell Hall and the fourth floor of the Lynn Library on the Washington street campus.

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