Foot Locker announced on Friday that it will be closing 110 of its stores.

Just another store failing to make profit in what is being called the retail apocalypse.

As for Foot Locker, after closing 140 stores last year, they will follow this year with 110.  They will be turning their focus on those stores that are performing and those that aren't will be closing their doors.

They will also be opening up 40 new stores in locations where they expect to flourish.

What will become of the Foot Locker in Amarillo?  As of this time, the company has not announced which stores will be closing.  Amarillo's Foot Locker it located inside Westgate Mall.

This is just another retailer that has announced that has announced that it will be closing stores.  Best Buy announced last week that it would be closing some of it's smaller stores.  This falls in suit with a lot of other companies that have announced store closings including, JCPenney, Payless, and Toys R Us just to name a few.

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