There are a lot of different intersections in Amarillo that feel like you need to attempt some death-defying stunt to avoid something bad happening. Some are right in the middle of the city, while some are a bit more on the outskirts.

The majority of them we know about because we all have had to drive through them, but there is one that you most likely don't know about unless you've needed to attend West Plains High School for.

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I found out about this one personally a couple of weeks ago when my oldest boy had a choir performance we attended at the school. It was the first time I'd ever been to West Plains HS, and all I could think as I approached the intersection of Arden and 335 was, I don't know if I want my kid driving himself to school.

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The intersection is long, and tricky to navigate. It's a state highway with a huge median in between the two sides. You can get through one side of the highway pretty easily, but you have to kind of dart into the median area.

Now, the median area is the tricky part. You can safely fit three cars in the median, MAYBE four depending on the cars that are lined up there. When you're talking about primarily kids being the ones trying to gauge this, it gets a little scary.

Even me, who has been driving for decades was a little skittish. I feel like there is a desperate need here for SOME kind of stop light. Traffic doesn't flow well at this intersection at all, and the risk of a serious accident taking place is very high.

Trying to squeeze into the median area here could leave a car hanging its back-end out there to be clipped by someone coming down 335 at a high rate of speed, and it could be very easy to do. I feel like out of all the different intersections we have like this one, this is the one that needs the most attention.

I'm personally shocked we haven't heard of more serious accidents here. Inexperienced drivers coupled with a LONG intersection spells disaster, so let's get a stop light system here before disaster strikes.

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Traffic stinks.

These intersections stink harder.

Don't hesitate to sound off if we missed any. We're happy to add more Amarillo collision hotspots to this list of shame.

Gallery Credit: Sarah Clark

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