Yes, the Condom Snorting Challenge (not to be confused with the Water Condom Challenge) is real. Yes, it is something people are really doing. Yes, it is the gag-inducing stuff nightmares are made of.

Usually, I would partake in the challenge. This is one I just couldn't bring myself to be a part of. So I recorded a reaction video instead. I watched two videos of young idiots stuffing condoms up their respective noses, and then pulling them out of their mouth. It was horrendous.

This challenge isn't really anything "new." While talking with a friend of mine, he reminded me that this used to be a staple at drunken college parties. The difference between then and now is the potential to go viral.

In the never-ending quest for clout, cred, and potentially money-making views, people are willing to go to new extremes. The problem is the challenges are more often than not more and more dangerous, and kids are getting involved.

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