A door to door home alarm sales tactic taking place in Amarillo has the Amarillo Police Department raising an eyebrow, and sending a beware to all citizens of possible fraud.  They tell us they're currently aware of three recent instances of suspicious activity by people that identify themselves as door to door home alarm salesmen, but don’t know if these “salesmen” are actually alarm company representatives, or criminals saying they are in order to get access to a home.  APD has had prior reports of door to door alarm salesmen that approach home owners displaying an alarm company sign, and possibly pointing out the sign in a neighboring home, in effort to introduce this scam and gain access to homes.

The incidents APD has already had reports on and investigated say the scam artists make claims of installing upgraded equipment, because the current company has been bought out or the equipment is outdated.  They were actually installing equipment and securing a contract for completely different alarm company that was in no way connected to the contracted firm the home owners used.

The alarm company connected to the last incident in Amarillo advised APD that they did not approve of this dishonest practice to sell alarms, and ended their business relationship with the individuals responsible for the fraud.

"Be aware that people that come to your door and identify themselves as representatives of your company or a related company may actually be committing fraud or other crimes. Using a telephone number that you have located for the company, call your company to verify the identity of anyone that comes to your door to work on or check your alarm.

Be aware that door-to-door salesmen that do not have correct city permits may be out of compliance with state law and have not had their criminal background checked."

Would local alarm companies even sent a representative to your house in a door to door sales effort?  APD reached out to a few alarm companies, and this is the answer they received...

Amarillo Police (continued)

"Two local alarm companies explained that they would not ever send a representative to a customer’s door without an appointment. If one comes to your door, ask the “salesman” for the blue, page-sized City of Amarillo Solicitor’s permit and identification to match the permit. Each salesman must carry a permit and identification and provide it to YOU if asked."

So, if you are approached, before going any further, ask to see a permit and identification!  If they can't, and it seems suspicious, call the Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-3038 and report it.  Get a good look at their vehicle, a license plate number if you can, and provide a description of the subject and what they were saying, include a company name if you can.

Stop the scam, and most of all, don't let yourself be a victim!