It's fun to see how Amarillo has grown and changed over several decades.   Amarillo is a great city.  Even though I didn't grow up in Amarillo, I did grow up in the Texas Panhandle and my family made trips to Amarillo on a regular basis.   It is amazing to see how Amarillo has changed since I was little.

As I do, I like to search things and scroll through things on the internet and every now and then I find something that I think is really interesting.

I found a video tucked away in YouTube of Downtown Amarillo in the early 80s and it was fun to watch and see the things that have changed in Downtown Amarillo and the things that haven't.

The footage is grainy and most of it looks to be shot from the top of a building possible the building formerly known as the Chase Building, now the First Bank Southwest building through a window.   Back then it was the SPS Tower I believe.

Now let's fast forward to the now.   See how much Downtown Amarillo has changed and it also shows how much technology has changed.

It's amazing what has changed in almost 40 years.  However, it's also interesting to see that even though a lot has changed, many things still remain the same.

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