As social media continues to grow, so does the number of specialized pages. It's most prominent and visible on Facebook where there are so many different types of groups, it's unimaginable.

When I say there's a ton, I mean there is literally a group for EVERYTHING you can think of, within legal limits of course.

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I saw a meme one day and it was on the verge of full-on offensive, and it was in a group I'd never seen nor heard of in my life. I decided to click on the group and join out of morbid curiosity. It was called "Admins approved this just to watch the OP get dragged". Interesting name right?

Now the content inside the group is, well, not for the faint of heart I guess you could say. It got me thinking though. What if an Amarillo group similar to this one got started?

This group is full of just nasty memes, people literally ASKING to be dragged by others, and sometimes even posting a picture of someone else and letting people go to work in the comments.

I don't know if there's ever been a group created like this based around a city, and I'd imagine if there has been, it's of a major city. In a city as small as Amarillo though, can you imagine the drama it could potentially cause?

We live in too small of a city to where people would be super offended, and probably cause more issues than we can imagine. What happens when someone comments on something of a co-worker and they come face to face? I mean, we're headed down a dangerous path.

However, I wouldn't put it past someone to create this group and watch the fireworks. I'm not advocating for it, I think it would be really detrimental to the city. I'm just saying these groups exist, and the thought of it growing to city pages just like this one scares me to death.

Google Answers the Top 10 Questions About Amarillo

I love Google. It can literally answer ANYTHING you need it to answer. Whether it's right or wrong is a totally different question.

Recently, I found myself wondering about something and went to Google. And that's when I started noticing the "people also asked..." section and BOY...Some of them made perfect sense, some of them were interesting, and one of them was downright baffling...and it was a top 10 question which is even more absurd.

So let's see what we've got. Here's the top 10 questions as asked to Google about Amarillo.

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