A High School teacher started a great program back in 1990 and it is still helping those in need today.

Today from 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm, The Inaugural Amarillo Empty Bowls event is happening at St. Andrews Episcopal Church located at 1601 S. Georgia Street.

Jamie Adams told us that event is based off a program that was started in the 1990's by a high school teacher. It was a project to get his students to see how art could impact the community. His students would first create bowls in their art class. They then hosted an event where members of the community donated money to get one of the bowels. Then they were able to have a nice warm bowl of soup. This event became an international hit.

Jamie Adams has done this event in other states and now he has brought it to Amarillo.

For every $15 donation, the donor gets to keep a bowl of their choice and enjoy a simple meal of soup, dessert, and tea, served at St. Andrews.

A silent auction of donated items also takes place as another means of raising money.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to programs that help the homeless here in Amarillo. These programs include Amarillo Brown Bag Run. A local non-profit that helps feed the homeless here in Amarillo.

For additional information please call Jamie Adams at 251.802.7169.



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