Ever been in that moment where you thought you'd bought or joined one thing, only to find out it's actually something COMPLETELY different?

Well if you were/are a member of a certain Facebook group here in Amarillo, you're finding that out today.

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Once upon a time, there was a group called "Amarillo/Canyon Cars, Trucks, Suv's and Toys For sale or trade". On the surface, it's exactly what you thought it read as.

As recently as a day ago, you could find conversion vans, tires, Ford F150's and a ton of other types of vehicles and parts. Everything seemed to be going pretty well, people were able to find reliable rides and parts needed for their vehicle at solid prices.

Then something happened, something very very bad. Someone posted for sale an item that had nothing to do with cars, trucks, etc. They posted...2 dog igloos for sale. You know, those outdoor homes your dog can go into for some shade?

Facebook group

Yeah...those. That was the moment everything changed forever.

Others saw this as a sign that they could start posting other things, items that had nothing to do with the premise of the group. Once those igloos hit the page, items such as a vocal processor, ads for lawn services, an Apple Watch all started popping up.

The person running the page? They'd had enough. A message was posted in the room:

Facebook group

Wait, what? Rather confusing, but ok whatever right?

That's when the cover photo got changed.

Facebook group

A photo of a very eccentric girl wearing heart shaped sunglasses licking a lollipop. What in the world does this mean?

After those 2 things, people continued to post non-auto related items like microwaves, purses, chairs, even Christmas trees. Now the page creator had REALLY had enough.

A few hours later, they reiterated the you suck at reading rules part, but added a little something:

Facebook group

Oh boy...this is getting awkward.

It was moments later we saw the name of the room was officially changed:

Facebook group

Now I feel like I have to leave the room so my wife doesn't think I'm up to something.

Problem is, I can't leave. I have to see how this plays out. This is about to go down as one of the more epic page changes in the history of Facebook...I think. So why don't you join and watch the fun unfold with me!

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