Every year the Amarillo Fire Department has to conduct maintenance on the fire hydrants around town.  It is necessary but it could cause a few minor issues with your tap water.

Now don't freak out!  Nothing is harmful.  They just want to warn you about the process.  From now until April 1st, the AFD will be going around town performing different maintenance on fire hydrants around town.

They will be removing any debris from around the hydrants, lubricating all moving parts, and flushing water from the hydrants.  During the flushing process, water pressures are also checked and documented. All of this is to keep the hydrants working properly and to make sure that it is up to regulation.

Once they enter your neighborhood, you may notice a few things in your tap water.  Some may experience slight discoloration, and some may see small particles of sediment in the water.  According to KAMR New 4, it is not harmful at all and the sediments are natural.

All you need to do is clear your lines.  You can do this by opening your faucets and letting the water run for a few minutes until clear.  It should only take a few minutes.

If for some reason it doesn't clear, all you have to do is call the city's water department at 806-378-6824.


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