Hastings has been a staple in Amarillo since 1968.

Over the next 58 years, more than 100 stores opened across the country. Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy in July 2016. Because the company was not purchased by a corporate or individual buyer, they decided to permanently shut down every store nationwide.

There are currently two locations that are still open in Amarillo - one on Georgia and one on 45th. The location on Gem Lake Road is already closed.

Sadly, those stores will be closed by October 31st. The location on 45th is closing on October 28th.

You can still shop at these locations for movies, CDs, vinyl, T-shirts, books, and collectibles. Merchandise is currently 60%-90% off and will continue to be discounted as the closing date gets closer.

Hastings has provided thousands of jobs, both in their headquarters and local stores, in Amarillo for almost 6 decades. They will definitely be missed by our community.

For information about store closures and updated discounts, visit the Hastings Superstore Facebook or website.

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