I was out and about this past Sunday, and it started somewhat early for me.

Out of the house around 9 am to head to the ballfields, and it was pretty darn quiet on the streets of Amarillo.

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While that I wholly expected due to people being at mass, it was later in the day that caught me pretty off-guard.

I headed into the office to do some work around 1 pm, and it felt like perfectly normal weekend traffic out there. Lots of people running errands, grabbing some food, whatever it may be.

When I left the office at 5 pm? Totally different story. Where did all the people go? I swear, it was a ghost town on the roads. It felt like I was driving home at 11 pm on a Tuesday night. To be honest, it kind of creeped me out a bit.

So why is it so quiet on a Sunday evening here? I mean, it's not like it was THAT late right? 5 pm feels like a time where people would still be out and moving around.

Do all the businesses close relatively early? I mean, I don't ever seem to have a problem finding a place open around 5 pm on a Sunday here, so that can't be it. Is everyone sitting at Sunday dinner with the family at this point? Was it just some weird kind of day where people were done with the day?

Maybe it was just the heat. I mean, we HAVE been getting record-setting temps lately, so I see how it could be that. Either way, it felt like the apocalypse was near and everyone was hunkered down.

What are you doing on a Sunday evening? Are you out on the town or do you just have a stopping point on Sundays? I wanna know!

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