I know many realtors and they all seem to make great money.  However, according to a new study, Amarillo is not the greatest place for a realtor to work.

Wallethub released another study which compared more than 170 U.S. cities across 18 key indicators of a healthy housing market, ranging from sales per agent to annual median wage for real-estate agents to housing-market health index.

The number one place in the country to be a realtor was San Francisco.  The worst Shreveport, Louisiana.

Amarillo came in at the lower end at 131.  Our friends in Lubbock ranked even lower at 159.

Source: WalletHub

So if you are thinking about going into realty in Amarillo do your research. However, even though this study says it's not a good place for realtors, I know many successful realtors in Amarillo.

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