I have this odd obsession and that is watching house flipping shows.  I will get up early on a Saturday morning to watch multiple episodes of Flipping Vegas and Zombie House Flipping.  I love these shows and deep down I find myself thinking, hey I could flip a house.  Then reality sets in and I come back down to Earth.

A lot of people are talented enough to flip houses and do flip houses and if you are planning on going down the flip house road, Amarillo might not be your best bet.

Our friends at WalletHub put their experts to work to find out what places are the best and the worst to flip houses.  They found that Amarillo is not good for house flippers.

How was it determined that Amarillo is not good for house flipping?   They studied over 170 cities across the U.S.   They looked at the market potential including cost and quality of life.  They looked at the purchase prices of homes and remodeling costs.

Out of the 170 cites studies Amarillo came in at #136.   If you are looking for a lucrative house flipping market then you are going to want to go to Sioux Falls, SD because that is the best city for house flipping.  The worst?  Bridgeport, CT.

Source: WalletHub

If opening up a house flipping business was what you were wanting to open up in Amarillo, I didn't mean to be the bearer of bad news.   I guess you can join me in watching the house flipping shows and dreaming.

With that said what are some of the best house flipping shows I should be watching?

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