Zackary Marks was notorious for harassing women in Amarillo.

On Monday, a Facebook post about a man approaching a woman and touching her thighs at the Ross Dress For Less on Soncy went viral.

The response was shocking - this man had allegedly approached many women in Amarillo and made inappropriate comments about their physique, which led to him grabbing their legs.

The Amarillo Police had interacted with Marks several times, but since they had never caught him in the act, they did not have the grounds to arrest him.

However, on Tuesday, July 26th, officers responded to a call about Marks harassing another female on the 6300 block of Adirondack. He was identified by a previous victim and taken into custody.

Marks will be charged with Assault By Contact, a Class C misdemeanor.

There are at least 3 other reports against Marks being investigated by the Amarillo Police. If you just read through the comments of the Facebook post, you can see comments from women who interacted with Marks while they were out shopping alone.

Women of Amarillo may rest easy for now knowing that Marks will not be on the street.

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