I'm not a crazy ex, there's nothing crazy about following you around everywhere you go while listening to I'll Be Watching You.  Some call it stalking, I call it love <3  Okay I'm a crazy ex, but I'm not this crazy.  As an employee at the Petro Truck Stop had a run in with a crazy ex, who actually kidnapped her!  Obsess much?

That's a 10 on the WTF-ometer!

Let's get a preface of this story courtesy of APD...

"Officers responded to the Petro Truck Stop at 8500 E. IH-40.  Witnesses reported seeing a man trying to force a female employee into a vehicle on the parking lot.  The woman was screaming.  Witnesses approached the disturbance and told the man that they were calling the police.  The woman, a WF 30, was forced into the car but was able to hold the door open with her leg.  She was able to get out when the bystanders became involved.  The suspect left the parking lot.  The woman told officers that the man that was trying to force her to go with him was an ex-boyfriend.  He came to the business and approached her as she was walking out.   He asked and then demanded that she talk to him and she refused.  He then wrestled her into his car.  Officers obtained a description of the man’s car, and learned that he was probably carrying a handgun.  Officers checked addresses for the man but couldn’t locate him."

Okay, so far, yeah that classifies as a psycho ex...definitely marriage material...

A few hours later, officers were sent to the 1300 block of S. Washington on a report that someone could hear a woman screaming inside an apartment there.

Responding officers located the apartment and could hear the sound of a struggle and a muffled voice coming from the apartment.  A look through the window into the home revealed a man, kneeling on the floor inside the front door.

The kneeling man was pointing a handgun at an APD officer...

The officer stepped back from the window, when officers then heard movement inside the room, and heard the woman yell something about the gun being dropped.

Officers forced open the front door and took Jacob Wayne Chism into custody.  They recovered a loaded 9mm handgun in the room.

The victim told officers that she came to the apartment to retrieve some personal belongings.

She did not think that the suspect was home, and entered through an unlocked window. Once inside, she was confronted by the armed suspect.

He assaulted her, pointed the gun at her, and was kneeling on her back, holding her at gunpoint, when officers intervened.

Officers were able to confirm that the suspect knew that they were the police when they approached the home, before forcing entry by kicking the front door open.

Mr. Crazy Ex was booked into the Potter County Detention Center for aggravated assault/domestic violence, aggravated assault on a public servant, and kidnapping.

Amazingly, no injuries were reported!

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