Wow!  Usually, when you drive a car into a train, you become one with the car.  Meaning, you and the car get crushed together into 1 single crunched up bio/metal ball of aftermath.  Well, that wasn't the case for an Amarillo man who drove his car into a moving train on Sunday evening.

A BNSF train was traveling down the railroad tracks and the impact happened at the crossing that's just off Washington St.  near west Farmers Ave.

Amarillo Globe News reports on the incident:

About 6:30 p.m., BNSF officials received a call that a car had hit a northbound train on the tracks near West Farmers Avenue and South Washington Street, officials said. A man driving a grey Cadillac sedan westbound on West Farmers Avenue and stopped at the tracks as the train was crossing, but then slowly drove forward, hitting the train as it passed, they said.

Get this, the man in question could actually FACE CHARGES FOR HITTING A TRAIN! That's your daily SAY WHAT!?!

Yeah, can you imagine that?  You come inches away from death by hitting a train, and you could get billed for it!  That's seriously messed up!

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