Very tragic news out of Amarillo as a young child was handling a handgun unsupervised and the worst happened as he shot himself in the stomach!  While the child is reported to be in "stable condition", this should be a HUGE RED FLAG REMINDER to all gun owners and parents about gun safety! 

According to the report from the Amarillo Police, the gun was a "hidden gun of the home owner's possession" that the child found, which lead to his curiosity, all children have it, and he played with a loaded weapon!  I'm thankful he's in stable condition!  This could have been WAY worse!

Parents, and even those who aren't parents, if you own a gun, gun safety is of the utmost importance in your house!

APD released this official statement:

On Saturday May 11th at approximately 11:20pm, APD officers were sent to the 9000 block of Orry on an accidental shooting. Upon arrival officers discovered a small 6 year old male had found a pistol that had been “hidden” by the homeowner and he accidentally shot himself in the abdomen. The male was taken to a local hospital, and then later flown to Lubbock for medical treatment. The child is reported in stable condition. The child was at a relative’s house however none of the occupants witnessed the shooting. The incident remains under investigation.

Again, I just want to reinforce that we should all take lessons if you're a gun owner.  I am, and I have a safe to keep them all in and as an expecting father, you can bet that safe will be locked constantly!  I won't have my "stashed key" for the safe hidden anymore, that's all going to be in my pocket at all times!  You have got to take gun safety seriously, especially if you're a parent!

And if you are a parent, you should educate your children about gun safety!  I'm not here to tell you how to raise your children so it's all up to you, a 6 year old might be a little too young to start shooting guns, but it's not to early to show them a picture of a gun or several guns and teach them that if they ever see one to never ever touch it!  Just thinking out loud there...

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