Amarillo has countless groups and organizations. One of them has been labeled as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a national organization that defines hate groups across the country.

I'm sure over the past few years you have heard of 'Repent Amarillo.'  They are a religious group that has been in operation for nearly a decade. They got some attention a few years ago when they protested an alleged swingers club here in Amarillo.  Since then, they have been seen all over town protesting a wide variety of things.

Well, the Southern Poverty Law Center has added 'Repent Amarillo' to their list of hate groups. The SPLC currently has identified almost 900 hate groups in the US.  These so-called hate groups are divided into different categories, ranging from racial bigotry to religious hate.

'Repent Amarillo' has been categorized under "General Hate". The SPLC says that general hate means the group has a variety of different types of hate doctrines.

KAMR News Channel 4 talked with 'Repent Amarillo's' founder David Grisham, who said that he believes that 'Repent Amarillo' has been labeled as a hate group because their ideology goes against the political views of Southern Poverty Law Center.

To see what else Grisham has to say, you can watch the full interview here.

SPLC has 892 organizations on its list of hate groups across the U.S. With 'Repent Amarillo' being added to the hate group list, Texas leads the country with 84 labeled hate groups. 'Repent Amarillo' is the only identified hate group in the Texas Panhandle.

You can see the SPLC's entire US map of hate groups here.

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