Amarillo police urge you to look out for some counterfeit money especially $50 dollar bills!  2 counterfeit $50's have been found in Amarillo just in the past week!  The worst part is, the "counterfeit money pen indicators" that indicate if a bill is counterfeit, is useless, they do not work on these $50's that are being found!  With technology, comes progress, and yes that means in all aspects even crime!  Criminals can be smarter than you'd think!

The official report from APD tells it all:

APD forgery investigators have reported that two counterfeit $50 dollar bills have surfaced in Amarillo in the last week. The serial number of the bills passed so far is JK00322220A . The bills are made in a manner that allows them to avoid detection through the use of the common counterfeit detector marking pen. The bills were passed at two different locations. In each case, an employee of the store was able to recognize the bill was counterfeit because of experience handling money and knowledge of U.S. currency’s security features. You can learn about those features at
The printing quality of the bills is not that of genuine bills.


Police say that if you think someone is trying to present you with a counterfeit bill, try to avoid returning it to the person that passed it try to hold onto is and stall them even, and call the Amarillo Police Department through 911 if the suspect is still there, or 378-3038 if the crime is not in progress. They ask that you try to note the license plate number of any vehicle involved, and try to avoid handling the bill to preserve fingerprint evidence.
Remember, these bills will pass the common marking pen method used to detect them. There have been no suspects arrested at this time. Investigators have reason to believe that other bills like this may be passed.


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