Making perfect Tex-Mex is a serious responsibility in Texas.

But Leal's has taken the challenge. The small chain, which start in Muleshoe, made the list of "The Best Tex-Mex Restaurants In Texas."

Texas is one of the few places in America with a cuisine name after it. Tex-Mex is a combination of traditional Mexican dishes, Southern flavors, and the American obsession with cheese.

Thrillest looked far and wide across Texas to determine the best spots for enchiladas, chili con carne, and other beloved Tex-Mex dishes.

Houston and Austin had plenty of representation on the list, with restaurants like Ninfa's, Amaya's Taco Village, Joe's Bakery and Coffee Shop, Molina's Cantina, and El Real.

Amarillo also showed up on the list for our local favorite, Leal's. Thrillest gave honorable mention to the stacked enchiladas and red chile sauce.

While Leal's is more of an upscale spot in Amarillo, their original location in Muleshoe has a historic feel and their Plainview location is casual. They have six locations total.

If you'd like to have some of the best Tex-Mex in the state, you can visit Leal's at 1619 South Kentucky next to Macaroni Joe's.

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