Holy crap the roads suck here in Amarillo.

It's a phrase we hear and use often, isn't it? I'm absolutely convinced the drivers in Amarillo have to spend more money on car repairs than any other city in America. I think I might actually look into that.

Regardless, that's neither here nor there. We'll tackle that one on a different day. Today, let's talk about those horrible roads. The ones with potholes literally everywhere.

I understand we could say "well, ALL roads in Amarillo have those", and truthfully you wouldn't be wrong. However, there are some that are far worse than others. There are a couple that I drive often that I want to bring up, and one of them I know the majority of you have been on.

We'll start with Wolflin right off of Washington. As you head down this road toward Georgia, you'll go through so many different bumps and cracked roadways that you better hope you have good shocks. If you did prior to going down this stretch of Wolflin, you'll probably need to stop in for some new ones after the fact.

Speaking of Georgia, there's a spot that will absolutely obliterate your car if you hit it wrong. You're headed to Market Street after getting off I-40, and right there underneath the highway, it's like swiss cheese. It's got to be one of the worst spots anywhere on Georgia.

However, that's not even the spot I'm talking about. As it opens up to three lanes around the Chipotle there, you need to wait to get over. If you jump over the second it turns into three lanes, I swear your car will nearly bottom out. I don't know if it's a pothole or if there is just a huge section of eroding road there, but no matter how good of shape your car is in, you'll feel this one.

Those are the spots that I just can't stand, so now I open the forum to you. Tell me about YOUR spots that need some serious love and attention, because I really want to bring them to the attention of the city. I don't feel like paying for car repairs that can be avoided.

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