During these trying times with a pandemic screwing with our lives physically mentally and literally, there is one thing you can count on, a Wendy's Frosty to brighten your day. Now Wendy's is making your day even brighter adding a free Frosty with every order.

Oh the Wendy's Frosty, if you know me you know my Wendy's routine, yes I have a routine; Dave's Single, fries-extra salt and a chocolate Frosty. Said fries and Frosty are course one, masterly dipping each fry deep in my Frosty and indulging in a weird combination of cool sweet and hot savory together, knowing that I still have course two standing by. To be honest, the burger sits for a while because the Frosty and fries satisfied.


Wendy's free Junior Frosty will be available during the COVID-19 pandemic and you get the choice of vanilla or chocolate. Whatever your Wendy's routine is ENJOY!


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