You're hanging out with some friends at a party or BBQ you're throwing at your house. Sure, you could just stand around, have some adult beverages and talk, but let's be honest, that gets boring after awhile.

So instead, you build out this crazy spread of different yard games and tell everyone it's time for Yard Game Olympics. Everyone hollers and starts fighting over teams. Things get competitive, someone ends up hurt, but all in all a good time is had.

Well the City of Amarillo has recognized this, and turned this fun activity into an actual competition that will be held next month.

On May 11 at John Stiff Park, teams of six will come together to compete in "Yard Game Olympics". You will compete in six different popular yard games, probably ones you've played in before numerous times.

Cornhole, which has to be the most popular one, ladder golf, flip cup, KanJam, trash can pong, and tug-of-war are the games you'll compete in. Up for grabs will be prizes for first, second, and third place and of course, those bragging rights everyone wants.

They're also handing out a prize for best dressed team, so make sure you're coordinating those outfits and they're off the wall.

Now for all the details you need. It'll cost ya $120 to enter your team, so basically $20 per person. Every member of your team must be 21 or older in order to participate in the games. Sorry kids, keep practicing so you can win another year.

If you want to get signed up, the link is right here. I'm sure I'll be putting a team together, so I'll see you there!

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