Ok, Sometimes you find something on the Craigslist that's so good, you can't just pass up on it. In real estate it's all about location right? Well how about being able to call ol' blue eyes your neighbor? For the low price of $35 Bucks, I know a guy who can make that happen for you

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Let's take a step back, if you never heard of ol' blue eyes I'm talking Frank Sinatra who no doubt was a major player in the big band scene and was one of the most influential performers of the mid 20th century. A member of the Rat Pack who performed alongside Dean Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr and has been photographed with folks like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe.

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That aside his passing was was quite some time back but no doubt he is still very much alive in many folks memory.

His place is on the market here in Amarillo! (sort of)

One post on Craigslist caught me as someone here in Amarillo has an O-Scale model of the former singer's home for sale for 35 bucks and well, here is what you get.

Craigslist Amarillo

Now, Frank Sinatra had a very well documented life and I can't seem to find anything that resembles this house but it looks like a nice place to call home on any model railroad and for the price it does need a little fixing up. It seems that even at this scale there's no such thing as a home that's 100% move in ready! It does need to have the storm shutters placed on the rest of the house but hey it does come with a contractor who looks like he is more than ready to finish the job.

Craigslist Amarillo

The listing is still on Craigslist if interested and luckily this one wont require escrow or earnest money, its 100% ready to go

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