If you're a baseball fan, and truthfully even if you're not, there is one thing everyone seems to love about the game. When that ball cracks off the bat and sails a long way and goes over that fence, everyone gets loud and cheers.

The most popular event of the All-Star festivities in baseball is the Home Run Derby. Some of the biggest home run hitters in the game come together to mash baseballs over the fence for bragging rights. The ones you see get the most excited about the event are the kids who play baseball.

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Well, how would your kids like a chance to smash some baseballs over a fence themselves? You're in luck because the Children's Miracle Network Home Run Derby is back in Amarillo this year! The event will be taking place on April 30th from 5-7 pm out at the Rick Klein baseball complex off of Grand.

I can tell you from experience that this is a top-notch event that the kids have an absolute blast at. The highlight is the home run derby itself. They'll get a certain number of pitches to hit over shorter fences that are put in the outfield. Champions of the event in their age level go home with nice rings to show off, and nobody leaves empty-handed.

The best part about the event is that it's not JUST a home run derby. They have other contests the kids can participate in, such as pitch speed contests and base running contests.

And the dads even get their OWN home run derby they can participate in at the end of the night for a donation made to CMN. I participated in this last year after my kids were done, and while I didn't hit any out...well, I did, they were just foul balls, I had the time of my life getting to participate in it.

You can pre-register your kids here for $20 per kid, or you can sign them up at the door the day of the event for $25 per kid.

All the money goes to Children's Miracle Network, but all the memories are yours to keep.

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