I was scrolling through my news feed last night and was shocked to see the page for Esquire Jazz Club pop up with a recent post.

According to that post, Esquire Jazz Club will be reopening now that new owners have been found. No official word yet on who the owners are, or when we can expect the club to be open.

I have so many questions. First, will they be waiting to open when Abbott finally decides that it's okay for us all to go out to the bar and to clubs again? Will they be converting into a "restaurant" so they can open sooner?

Will they try to keep the same aesthetic as the previous owners?

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Fans of the club praised Esquire Jazz Club for being a "classy" place you could go to on a night out downtown. Any time I was downtown, I always felt under-dressed in my jeans and low-top Converse watching patrons walk in for a night of drinks and music.

When you read through the comments on the post announcing the impending reopening of Amarillo's resident jazz club one of the first requests you'll see is someone asking that they keep it "classy." I don't think they have anything to worry about.

When the closing was announced, owners at the time made it clear they were hoping to sell to someone who would keep the vision behind Esquire alive in Amarillo.

I'll be keeping my ears open for any word on when Esquire will be reopening. Maybe one night I'll get my shoes polished and go visit the only jazz club in town.

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