So as my family and I continue to explore Amarillo and everything it's about, I'm starting to find that some of the things everyone said we HAVE to do or try, isn't necessarily true. Here's a just a few of the things I'm officially confused about.

Cadillac Ranch

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE we talked to outside of Amarillo that knew about this place said it's a must. Funny thing is, I've met quite a few people so far that have lived in Amarillo for at least a decade and have NEVER gone. Am I missing something here or no?

The Big Texan

My research and talks seem to lead me to believe that The Big Texan is literally THE spot to eat...but wait, maybe not. How is it that this is the first restaurant I heard about but there are so many of you that have lived here well over a decade and NEVER been? It sounds to me like this place is an Amarillo institution, but so many seem to think it's not THAT important to go.

Palo Duro Canyon

The fact that there are several people who have never been to Palo Duro Canyon blows my mind. I'm a newbie, but how some of y'all have not been to the Canyon is beyond me. I'm not the "outdoorsy type" per se, but this wasn't something to be missed in my mind. Get out and see it!!

I know there's plenty more I'm missing here that should be on this list, but I'm interested to see how many of you have lived here for 10+ years and have things you haven't gotten out to do yet. What are they?


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