Last month I took a look at the unemployment rate here in the golden spread and basically anyone who wants to work can. Drive around town and sure enough there are help wanted signs everywhere, some of them even offering some pretty interesting incentives:

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Amarillo still tops the list:

According to the folks over at the Texas Workforce commission the numbers for March unemployment in the Amarillo Area clocked in with 127,000 of the 134,000 workers with a job which if you do the math gives you roughly 4.9 percent unemployment, which is still well below the state average of 6.9 percent with almost 100,000 new non agricultural jobs added statewide. The second best regions in the state include Austin/Round Rock and Bryan/College Station tied at 5.3 percent each.

So who's hiring?

That 100,000 breaks down in some pretty big gains in the private sector, Leisure and Hospitality which includes Hotels, Resturants and attractions had the biggest growth with 23,100 jobs with more expected as COVID-19 restrictions ease. 19,100 construction positions opened up, Business and Professional Services and related industries added 14,800 jobs.

County by County:

Taking a look at some of the numbers from around our listening area for march:

  • Randall 4.4%
  • Potter 5.6%
  • Carson 4.6%
  • Armstrong 4.5%
  • Oldham 4.5%
  • Deaf Smith 4.6%

Bryan Daniel, TWC Chairman checking in on the numbers issued a statement. "Positive job numbers for March continue to show Texas is on track for continued growth, TWC will continue to provide flexible and innovative training programs to help provide all Texans with skills they can use for workforce success.

If you happen to still be looking, don't let it get to you if you can't find what you're looking for as the pandemic eases and more businesses open doors expect more openings in the future.

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