It's become the easiest way to shop and get the things we want. Why? Because Amazon literally has everything we could possibly want, and we don't even have to leave the house. The downside? We have to wait for it to arrive. Well, guess what Amarillo? Soon enough, we will be waiting less time for those items to arrive.

Already home to an Amazon Fulfillment Center that opened back in 2022, Amazon is doubling down in Bomb City with what they call a last-mile facility.

Amazon created over 500 jobs when they opened the fulfillment center, and this will create even more in Amarillo. It'll be far less jobs created than the fulfillment center, but more jobs and faster deliveries are what we can thank Amazon for.

The facility will be a 30,000 square foot building located in the Centerport Business Park will allow the Amarillo region to be able to get their orders faster, sometimes even same-day.

When I lived in Austin, they had the last-mile service available. I could order something at 10 am and have it by 8 pm that night. Considering a lot of the time I was working when I ordered whatever it was, I didn't need it anyway until I got home and settle for the day.

The last-mile delivery is based on companies sending a product to the facility and Amazon hops on it and gets it out to you immediately. It allows Amazon, and other companies, a chance to get you your orders in a faster manner.

The biggest reason Amazon created it? Customer service. They know we want the things we order quickly and they want to provide the best customer service so we keep coming back. Well done Amazon, I'm a customer for life.

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