Last night we witnessed not only a couple of contestants immediately being thrown out of the competition but seeing some others blowing their big chance to make it big. Yes, we’re in the midst of “Vegas Week” here in ‘America’s Got Talent‘ and the intensity, for some, is just too much to bear.

It’s early in the morning on the second day of performances. The remainder of those who were placed on the Judges Favorite list will be trying their best to captivate the judges’ attention. After all, they only get one shot, or as Howie Mandell says “You don’t get second chances here. This is it.”

They begin with the “Magic Category” where plenty of hopefuls in this section are already feeling the pain of anxiety. There’s been three other categories that have gone up before them, so the judges have already wetted their appetite to the best and worst that this second round has to offer. Here’s hoping that they make a great impression on them as this section goes by.

Eric Dittelman thinks that this is a big dream come true. Granted, when he performed back in Austin we thought he was nothing more than a phony rather than a self-proclaimed psychic, but he gets to prove that he’s actually what he claims to be in this second round. He goes after a topic that may be able to find on a random internet website until Sharon reveals an eerie fact: she made up the name in her mind.

Several other magicians and illusionists show off what they’ve got on the stage, but none of them hold a candle to the escape artist. We’re referring to Spencer Horsman who is “upping the danger level” in order to prove that he has what it takes in order to win.” Paramedics are standing by just in case he blows it. Here’s hoping this doesn’t end like the first act of ‘The Prestige.’ He’ll be under the water for 1 minute and 25 seconds. If he passes that mark without freeing himself then the medics will come in immediately and break him out. Will he make it?

“Vocal groups” category is next. First is Eric & Olivia, the two college students who succeed more so for the female vocalist than the acoustic guitar player. Then there’s Maurice and & Shanice Hayes, a father and daughter duo who sings a more soulful tune. Sadly the duo doesn’t manage to wow the judges like the last time and are off-key by the end of it. Lastly there’s the father/daughter duo Jorge & Alexa Narvaez who sing a sweet little song, “Be My Baby.”

But now the comedian category is on. Everyone in this category is either crapping themselves over Jacob Williams or smack talking him. Either way, the judges aren’t entirely impressed with his performance. Out of all the comedians that come up on stage, Tom Cotter provides the most laughs.

But he’s nothing compared to the disaster that is Frank Roche’s comedic performance. Not only does he freeze after his first drab joke but his nerves are getting the best of him. At a few points he looks like he’s about to burst into tears. He’s done for and sadly the judges know it. That’s why they bring him out a second time shortly after just to tell him that he’s eliminated.

It’s time for what could be the most terrifying section to eliminate people out of, and that’s the Kids Category. Isaac Brown is excited to perform in front of people again but is frozen in his tracks when he hears Sebastien’s powerful voice in the rehearsal area. Sebastien proves once again that he’s a small force to be reckoned with while singing.

Next is Isaac Brown, a kid who’s adorable but off-key nonetheless. The remainder of the kids perform including Edon, a singer/pianist with a solid voice. “He reminds me of a young Billy Joel,” says Sharon.

Male Singers are the last group to be dealt with. Tim Hockenberry thinks there’s too much competitive spirit going on in this category. Talk about an understatement. There’s some singers who belong to be in the second round while there are others whose vocal talents still fail to impress due to their limitations, like Ulysses. The rest of the singers go up first, with Tim performing last. They say to save the best for last, and here that’s a fact with his latest song.

The judges are finally done seeing all of the auditions for their top category. What happens is a series of eliminations that includes Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, Jacob Williams the comedian, Isaac Brown the kid singer, Loyalty Dance Group, Mary Joyner the singer, the Military group and the entire male opera category. Those who made it include Tom Cotter the comedian, Eric & Olivia the vocal/acoustic duo, 787 dance group, Sebastien and his mariachi group, Tim Hockenberry the singer, Edon the kid pianist/singer, All Beef Patty, the Aurora Light Painters, Light Wire Theater, Ben Blaque the crossbow act, the Ventriloquist and his dog and lastly the Nut Shot group.

Easily the biggest complaint out of all of these selections is eliminated Andrew De Leon, the opera singer. Granted, he still has a ways to go before he completely perfects that voice of his, but he can sing the way that many others can only dream of. We expect to see great things out of this young talent for years to come. We’re certain that this won’t be the last time we see him.

Tomorrow is the Stand-By Group’s chance to grab the last couple of slots left on the next round. Be sure to watch it on ‘America’s Got Talent’ during the last portion of the “Vegas Week.” The two-hour finale will take place tomorrow night at 9 PM.

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