It’s been a long road getting to the quarterfinals in ‘America’s Got Talent‘ but here we are. Now it’s time to shrink down the group of contestants so more as America decides once again who they like better out of these twelve performers.

We’re back at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center where we see our next group of people eager to perform. They’ve been able to check out how the whole process happens through the quarterfinals so they’re definitely prepared. Lets see if they put that extra amount of practice time to good use.

The first is LionDanceMe which basically is a line dancing group. What they do on the stage is a little bit of an improvement from what they’ve done before, which is more crazy jumping on suspended stands. But the sad thing is that there isn’t much else going on with their performance other than the spectacular jumping. The audience has a good response, but none of the judges really seem fond of it.

Next up on the list is Turf, someone who’s been desperately trying to climb to the top and it feels like he’s been doing so with ease due to his great talent. He takes full advantage of his contortionist skills in his act, something that will definitely make him stand out above the rest. He was lacking a little bit on the dancing department but still, you know he’s going to be making waves.

The All Ways! are up next and they’re the great hair band who sings contemporary songs but put their own great retro rock twist on it. The song they perform this time is Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” It’s a little bit of a risky song to sing and you can tell that the lead singer is having a hard time adjusting to it.  They’re surreal, so  it’s too bad that the judges didn’t think much of them. It’s all right, The All Ways, we still think you’re cool.

Hey look, it’s Hawley Magic the illusionist. His act during the Vegas Week wasn’t too spectacular. If you recall, it involved levitating somebody while you could see the trick being revealed thanks to the curtain lifting up. Yes, we know that there’s some form of risk or danger invovled with this, but come on. This time he makes his assistant balance on a stick and then decides to spin her around and then impale her. It’s a bit random and we’re not entirely sure what to make of it. There wasn’t too much going on but they still got a decent reaction out of the crowd.

The Lisa Clark dancers are back! They do a wide range of dancing, but we’ve already seen a couple of dancers and dance troupes come and go. What makes them different? We’re not entirely sure. They didn’t have a great musical track to use and we’re not really sure what exactly they were going for. They tried a little too hard to impress but missed the mark for Howie since he buzzed them.

Then there’s the Aurora Light Painters, and they’ve done some impressive stuff before. Howard didn’t like them and ended up giving them an X by the end of their performance. Why? Because … Sharon says its not sophisticated and “sexy” enough. We don’t entirely agree with you Sharon, but we appreciate your input.

Danielle Stallings, the young singer from a small town with big dreams, is next up. She blew people away during Vegas week, but we’re waiting to see if she can pull it off again here in the quarter finals, and she continues to by  singing a contemporary song that proves what kind of vocal range she’s got.

Donovan and Rebecca are back – the two super strong acrobats who could probably lift a car with one hand. They do a nice combination of aerial acrobats and strength demonstrations in mid air. It’s done to a sweet romantic song and it wins over the crowd. These two will definitely move forward.

Uh oh, here comes Big Barry. We’re still confused as to why he’s in the quarter finals. It’s so great how incredibly distracted he is by all the models but that isn’t going to stop the rest of the audience from booing his performance. It’s great how heated Howard Stern got over Howie’s lax attitude towards Big Barry. We agree with Howard, Howie owes the other performers they denied an apology for pushing Big Barry forward. We’re not even sure how he made it this far.

Stand up comic Tom Cotter is a relief to see next because he’s intentionally funny. He was critiqued heavily last time and here he takes a little more time giving up his jokes but he still hits one home run of a joke after another. Once again he gets approval out of all of the judges. He’ll definitely make it to the next round unless he’s put aside somebody like Turf tomorrow night during the results section.

Ben Blaque, the crossbow artist who’s more than likely going to seriously injure his assistant one day, is next up. He keeps saying it’s so dangerous and stresses how easily a person can get killed when in his act. Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen tonight. His weakness: he puts four crossbows together when he shouldn’t assemble those parts during his act. What he needed to do was have a separate set of crossbows already put together on the side, that way he doesn’t lose the momentum. Wonder if America agrees with the judges.

Last but not least is Tim Hockenberry, the man with the great raspy singing voice. We must admit that the big stage is a bit distracting in regards to some of the talented performances. It’s too loud and you can’t concentrate on who’s up there. No wonder the judges are frustrated. Tim’s got a nice voice and delivers a solid performance, but got relatively mixed reviews from the judges.

That’s about all the talent that was showcased on tonight’s edition of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Who will make it to the next round? Who knows. But we will be able to find out tomorrow night during the results show.

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