The show begins with the gigantic text that says “The revolution began,” but what kind of crazy acts will we be able to see this week? Between the crazy dance moves of Turf and awesome musical talents of Tim Hockenberry, San Francisco is a tough act to follow. But we are in New York City, where the heart of U.S. theater resides, there has to be some talent in this city that’s ready to get on the stage for this week’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’

One of the unfortunate things about the opening for this show is the fact that they end up showing off a lot of the craziest and best acts. It doesn’t really leave too much to the imagination.

But now Howie Mandell, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern are all in New York City, better known as Stern’s home turf. He wants to be impressed and proud of his fellow New Yorkers more than anything else. He’s expecting to find the next big superstar in NYC, but we’ll just see about that.

The first talent act we’re introduced to is The Flyte Crew, a dance group that integrates gymnatisc with basketball. What makes them stand out even more is that during their routine they use trampolines, which makes this all the more dangerous. Most of the audience was expecting some form of a disaster to occur, since that’s already happened a few times on stage, but The Flyte Crew proved everyone wrong. Thanks to Sharon and Howard, they’re heading to Vegas.

Man, Sharon must be all sorts of revved up tonight. First she automatically calls out how much she likes one of the players on The Flyte Crew and then she completely eyeballs Max, a shirtless, long-haired gymnast. He does a cool aerial piece which is enough to win over the judges. The other talent that manage to move forward in this short montage are the New York Irish Dance Company – a group that mixes traditional Irish moves but modernizes it, along with the young professional pianist named Jason.

Cue the soft music, we’re in the sentimental portion of the show. We’re introduced to a seven-year-old boy who goes by the stage name “Mir Money.” He steps in front of the judges and tries to rap his little heart out. The audiences cheer for him since he’s a little kid but Howard and Sharon buzz him out. Obviously Amir’s a bit upset over the whole ordeal. After all, he’s a seven-year-old kid. Hope his mother was prepared to be cheering up her boy for the next week after the possible emotional scar the elimination gave him.

Once the tears were rubbed off of America’s eyes by the whole Mir Money ordeal, we’re pushed into something a little bit fuzzier. We’re referring to the group of performing dogs and their masters called Olate Dogs. Once they all take the stage, Sharon’s face was screaming “Give them the million dollars now!” They do all sorts of little tricks from hopping on their hind legs to doing back flips. “This is the most amazing, best animal act I’ve ever seen,” says Howie. Yes, yes it is.

Hope you’re ready for watching something absolutely painful. No, it’s not as bad as the man who kept on putting needles in his mouth, but for men it’s a lot worse. We’re talking about Horse – who Howard Stern now calls “The king of the nut shot.” Why does he say that? Take a look at the video to see. And yes, he did advance onto the next round.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a band come up on stage, so we’re introduced to a couple of bands who are unfortunately tone-deaf. One of those bands, a metal band with Party City make-up smeared across their faces, roller skate onto the stage. Sharon’s immediately embarrassed for them. But wait, there’s a band light at the end of this horrible tunnel! We’re referring to Wordspit and the Illest! which is a band that combines rock and classical music with hip-hop. During the start of the song they sound like a mess. None of the classical or rock instruments are really meshing well with each other, but when the chorus kicks in everything flows together perfectly. They won over everybody in the crowd and move onto the next round.

Last but certainly not least is Burton Crane, the seventy seven year old rapper whose song may be stuck in your head once you hear it in the video down below. He claims to be “the grandfather of rap,” saying that he’s been practicing his technique since before rap was even invented. The strangest part about this performance is that the crowd immediately hates him, but by the end they’re all in love with him, including the judges. Go figure that a random act like this advances to the next round.

Don’t think we’re done with New York City just yet. We’ve still got another round of ‘America’s Got Talent’ to go through tomorrow night. Watch the good and the horrible on stage tomorrow night at 8 PM.

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