What's your favorite Amy Winehouse song: "Valerie"? "Rehab"? "Back to Black"? As of today, it may deservedly shift to "Happy Birthday".

The late singer, who's the subject of forthcoming documentary Amy, has posthumously proven that her huge talent was no overnight development. In a clip posted today by the film's producers, 14-year-old Amy and friends celebrate a pal's birthday in typical teenage fashion, but when Amy opens her mouth to sing the occasion's time-honored tune to her buddy, it's anything but ordinary.

In the clip above—filmed in 1998—a "Happy Birthday" arrangement performed in Lauren Gilbert's honor begins as a group number, but when Amy takes the lead, everything else falls silent. We'll say this much—if you can give someone goosebumps with this simple a song, we can only imagine what you'd do with "Ring Around the Rosie."

Winehouse died in 2011 at age 27 from alcohol poisoning, and Amy, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in May, premiered to rave reviews, with The Independent noting it was "worthy of five stars by any critical measure." The film features friends and peers offering memories of late star, who racked up five Grammy Awards before her death.

Check out the clip, which will very likely blow you away, and be sure to see Amy when it hits theaters on Friday.

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