2011 has come and gone and it is time to start a new year. Every year people vow to change something about themselves. Either to improve their lives or themselves. I try not to make resolutions that are unrealistic. Here are my top five resolutions for 2012.

  • Ell Brown@Flickr.com
    Ell Brown@Flickr.com


    In my household their are two adults and one child. Still I feel like we accumulate so much garbage. So this year my goal is to cut out trash in half. I have made a plan to start to recycle. There are recycling centers in town, but it can be even easier. Walmart, for example has recycling dumpsters in their parking lot. Also, KB Recycling helps you make a recycling plan and even offers curb side pick up. This year I am going to do my best to recycle.

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    Learn Something New

    Growing up I always tried to learn everything I could. My nose was always in a book. Well since becoming a mother, I really haven't done much to learn anything new. I read to my son, but those are books without much gain for myself. So this year I am going to learn something new. I am seriously thinking about learning a new language. (Hello Rosetta Stone) Or maybe take a pottery class. No excuses! This year I am going to learn something new.

  • Marc kjerland @flickr.png
    Marc kjerland @flickr.png

    Laugh Out Loud More Often

    I tend to be a happy person, but I rarely just laugh my head off. It takes a lot for me to really laugh. So this year I am going to make an effort to find things as funny as everyone else does. I want to spend this year just laughing and laughing!

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    Finish My Scrapbook

    Back in 2008 when my son was born I decided to create a scrapbook just for him. Well I realized that scrapbooking was way more work than it first seemed. I worked on it for maybe a month and it has been sitting in my closet every since. I vow that I will finish working on it or at least get it up to date. I need to keep motivated and just do it. My scrapbook will be finished this year!

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    More Quality Family Time

    Time flies by so fast that I feel I don't get enough time with my loved ones. So this year my main resolution is to make more family time without distractions. I am talking no cell phones or laptops. I want to go and visit my parents, grandparents, and nieces and nephews more often. Maybe I'll create a game night for me and my son and just spend quality time together. I don't want to regret not spending enough time with my loved ones so this year its going to happen more often!

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