There are always those jokesters that take things a little too far.  Animal lovers all over the world erupted in anger after a Facebook page was created for a Valentine's Day Cat Punching Event. 

At the beginning of the week, a FB event started gaining popularity in the worst way.  It was a Valentine's Day cat punching event. The page displayed some horrible pictures of cats being punched, some cats knocked out and even a dead cat in the middle of the road.  (You can see some images here but be warned they are disturbing)

Well, animal lovers quickly started a petition to have the page removed from the social media site.  With more than 20,000 signatures in one day, Facebook removed the page.  I guess that wasn't enough to stop this sick individual because days later another page was created.

The pages were allegedly created by a Jamie Card, a well known troll who once created a page trying to sell children.  The new page is called Valentines Day Cat Punching Memorabilia and displayed even more horrid pictures that before. Some pictures include kittens with charred heads and worse.  There was even a video of a cat running around on fire.

This immediately pushed people to start another petition to ban users who publish pictures and/or video displaying any and all animal cruelty. People are even reaching out to celebrities like Ricky Gervais to help stop this insanity.

USA Today reached out to Facebook and this was their response:

"We have carefully reviewed the page and found that it doesn't violate our standards. We realize that some people may find such dark humor upsetting, but our standards are designed to allow people to describe and comment on the world around them," the Facebook spokesperson said in an e-mail statement."

The Daily Mirror captured some threatening quotes off the FB page before it was taken down and people are angry! Here are some of them.

"Come fight a man, not a defenceless animal. I will smash your face in while choking you out," one crazed cat fan raged. "YOU'RE F****** WITH THE WRONG PERSON."


"You are a sick individual," another fumed. "Go get some help. It makes me sick knowing that I share this earth with people like you. You deserve to have your face punched over and over again."


What do you think?  Bad Joke, Animal Cruelty or Attention Getter?

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