1. When do you start baling alfalfa?

Alfalfa will start to grow once the ground temperature reaches 55 degrees F and hold there. After that, barring a late freeze, the first cutting of alfalfa is usually 30 days after the ground temperature reaches that desired temperature. This traditionally has us baling the first cutting around the middle of May.

2. Do you guys deliver?

We deliver to the Amarillo/Canyon area. Delivery fees are based on how far you are from the store. It is a flat rate fee so the best 'bang for your buck' is to load the truck with everything you need. Several self-care boarders at our local stables will split a delivery between several people to save money. Typically we can hold up to 40 small square bales, 4 round bales, 4 tons of feed, or a combination there of in one trip.