The previews have come out for the new live version of Beauty and the Beast.  This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid so I'm excited to see the live-action version.  But which version is better?

Live Action movies seem to be the trend these last few years.  We've seen Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Alice In Wonderland, The Jungle Book and more all come to life.  I'll admit I've seen them all.  But there is something about the animated versions that I just love.

First off, if you grow up loving a cartoon, no remake will ever compare.  Second, the live action movies are based on a concept, but never really similar to the original animated version.

Let's take Beauty and the Beast.  That cartoon was so enchanting.  The castle and all it's subjects coming to life.  So wonderful.  How can a live action compare?  Are they going to get Lumiere right?  How about the other amazing characters.  I don't know.  Here is the first trailer.

While it doesn't show much, I'm very anxious to see it.  Emma Watson will be playing Belle, Luke Evans will be Gaston, Dan Stevens will be Beast and a whole bunch of other awesome actors/actresses have been cast.

It will probably have the same idea a the animation, but will it be the same?  Probably not.  What version do you prefer?

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